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Our own custom bars are designed to serve the number of people ranging from small to large. Also, My Bartender provides back bars or side tables at almost every event.

Our Custom Bars
Beer and Wine Bar


Our standard beer is served from keg or bottle. In order to maximize quality and freshness of the beer you’ve selected, we use pressurized Co2 system when serving by the keg. Also, we provide non-drinkers with non-alcoholic drink packages and we don’t charge any corkage fees like many bars do.

  • Custom mobile bar station
  • Back bar station
  • Full ice service
  • Appropriate plastic beverageware
  • Bar necessities: (napkins, straws, picks)
  • Equipment and tools: (bottle & wine opener, bar mat, straw & napkin caddy, bar spoons, cutting board, knife)
  • Fruit garnish for beer when applicable
  • Refrigeration and storage of all products
  • Garbage & recycling of all bar waste


Besides beer and wine service, we also offer you and your guests many types of cocktail bars ranging from standard, full, signature cocktail bar to cash bar.

1. Standard Cocktail Bar
This is an ideal choice for people who want to mix simple drinks together, for example: whiskey & coke, gin & tonic or vodka & cranberry. In addition, if you require shaking drinks, they are also available at standard cocktail bar. Price Starts from $650++ for 90 drinks….

All Beer & Wine service items noted above, plus the following:

  • Appropriate plastic beverageware
  • Standard soft drink assortment: (cola, diet, lemon-lime)
  • Standard juice assortment: (orange, grapefruit, cranberry)
  • Standard mixer assortment: (tonic water, club soda, ginger ale)
  • Standard Condiment Assortment: (grenadine, sweet & sour mix)
  • Standard garnish assortment: (lemons, limes, cherries)
  • Standard bar equipment and tools: (bottle opener, wine key, bar mat, straw & napkin caddy, jigger, bar spoon, speed pours, speed rail)

2. Full Cocktail Bar
With Full Cocktail Bar, you can enjoy My Bartender’s shaken drinks such as Martinis, Lemon Drops or Manhattans besides the full mixed drinks at Standard Bar. Also, we offer all the necessary components like vermouth, syrups or bitters for a wonderful cocktail. Price Starts from $750++ for 90 drinks….

All Standard Cocktail service items noted above, plus the following:

  • Appropriate plastic beverage wares
  • Additional Condiment Assortment: (bitters, Rose’s lime juice, simple syrup, kosher salt, rimming sugar, triple sec, sweet & dry vermouth)
  • Additional garnish assortment: (olives, oranges)
  • Additional bar equipment and tools: (Boston shakers, strainers, muddlers, citrus strippers, rimmer caddy)

3. Signature Cocktail Bar
This type of cocktail bar helps you stand out from the crowd. A menu will be customised by our handmade craftsman which fits your event. You and your guests will feel free when selecting any kind of drinks. Price Starts from $850++ for 90 drinks….

4. Cash Bar
A cash bar is a perfect choice for you when you have a lot of guests but you have a limited budget. This type of bar allows your guest to buy their own drinks rather than having them provided at your party. Price starts from $8++ per drink

Cocktail Bar

Champagne Cocktails

Champagne cocktails are tasty, fizzy and easy to love, and they transform leftover or cheap champagne into something wonderful. These are great for New Years or anytime you’re wanting champagne with a little more kick.

Our Custom Bars
Beer and Wine Bar


Cash Bars are ideal if you are looking for a way to minimize alcohol liability and at the same time cut costs by making individual guests pay for their drinks and yet provide alcohol service for their event. My Bartender provides Cash Bar Services to fit your needs.

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