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My Bartender offering Mobile Bartending and Liquid Catering service all over in Singapore.  Our mission is to make your events extra memorable through our planning and Services.  The staff at My Bartender is committed to providing the best in customer service, drink... read more

Mobile Bar Cocktails : Old Fashioned

An Old fashioned is not just a cocktail. I never treated it as just a cocktail. For me, a cocktail is an avenue to socialize especially Old fashioned. it’s a tool to meet people and relax. Its always a little nice drink with plenty of ice in it. Every one can easily... read more

Manhattan Cocktail : MyBartender Mobile Bar Service

            Manhattan cocktail is an American Classic cocktail. The recipe was invented in New York at the dates back to the era after the civil war ended. Manhattan is a simple mixture of whiskey, vermouth, bitters and ice. All these has to be stirred in a mixing... read more


              Cocktail events are always entertaining for all of us. We could say the cocktail “RED SNAPPER” is another half  of Bloody Mary. It has all ingredients same as Bloody Mary except Vodka. Gin replaces Vodka in Red Snapper.. Everyone fall for this cocktail... read more
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